Update: Seismicity Working Group

Update: Seismicity Working Group

On Monday, July 13, Dallas City Officials met with representatives from partner regional Cities, SMU Researchers, State of Texas Departments, and Federal Partners including the USGS and FEMA to discuss updates and preparedness measures for the on-going seismicity threat to the City of Dallas.

The meeting included briefings from the following organizations:
• Southern Methodist University: Update on Seismicity within the Dallas-Irving Area
• USGS: Hazard modelling of Seismicity
• FEMA: Modelling methodologies and development
• USGS: An update on Hazard Risk Maps due to seismicity

The purpose of this meeting was for current information and research efforts to be shared by partners, and to discuss the further actions to be taken by City of Dallas officials to prepare for, respond to and recover from the effects of any seismic events.

The City of Dallas Office of Emergency Management will take the information given today to inform current and future strategies to protect lives, property, and the environment within the City of Dallas. We continue to enhance our plans, public education strategies, training & exercise programs, and response capabilities to be able to manage the consequences of an emergency event independent of the cause.

We expect to provide further information and hard facts and figures on the risks posed by seismicity to the City of Dallas in the upcoming weeks. The information provided at today’s meeting is still in development by partners at the USGS and FEMA and we would like to extend our thanks to these and all partners in the continued collaboration to better understand our risks to all natural and human-caused hazards.

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