Improving relationships between citizens and public servants by showing best practices in different scenarios to raise awareness and increase positive interactions.

The City of Dallas is creating a series of informational videos to showcase safe citizen interactions with different department employees. The purpose of the videos is to show the realities and fears that exist in the minds of both citizens and public servants, while also providing safety tips to make these interactions more positive. When you watch the videos, you will see the perspective of the citizen and then flip to see the side of the city employee.

Do you wonder if you should get involved and call 9-1-1 when you encounter a disturbance or an emergency situation? The second #BlueAndYou addresses the concerns you may have when deciding to call 9-1-1.

We encourage you to ask yourself these questions:

 Is someone in danger?
 Is there a risk to property?
 Is a crime happening?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, call 9-1-1. Stay calm and speak clearly. The 9-1-1 operator will ask for details and determine the level of response to send. 



The first video, #BlueAndYou, addresses the fear involved during a traffic stop. There is an obvious tension in our society between police and citizens. We are sensitive to the fear and rhetoric in our community and across the country. These videos are confronting these sensitive issues to start a conversation and work towards a solution. The hope is that these videos will lead to less fear during these interactions and a better understanding of each other to realize that we are more similar than we are different.




To download and print a checklist for your car, click the image below, right click it and choose “save image as…” to save the image to your desktop.



Stay tuned for future videos featuring scenarios promoting positive interactions with public servants.  


If you get pulled over, please remember:

 Remain calm
 Pull over to a safe location
 When possible, pull over in a well-lit area (night time)
 Turn on your dome light (night time)
 Put the car in park
 Turn the radio off
 Hang up the phone
 Lower windows
 Put hands on the steering wheel
 Tell the officer before moving hands
 Avoid sudden movements
 Don’t reach into hidden areas
 Pay attention to officer instructions
 Make sure passengers do the same