Survey says: number one citizen concern is street and alley repair

Survey says: number one citizen concern is street and alley repair

Street and alley repairs are the number one concern of Dallas citizens, according to a recent survey conducted via

A total of 1,509 people responded to the survey from June 8 through July 3; part of an ongoing effort to get residents input into the City’s FY 2015-16 budget development process. Among the survey questions, citizens were asked to rank City services from “Most Important” to “Least Important”. Here are the results:

1. Street and alley repair
2. Police
3. Fire/Ambulance
4. Neighborhood Code
5. Parks and Open Space
6. Economic Development
7. Animal Services
8. Recreation Centers
9. Libraries
10. Community Services
11. Cultural Affairs
12. Home repair/maintenance

Street and Alley Repair was also at the top of the list of services that survey respondents (35 percent) indicated should receive more funding. Neighborhood streets were also ranked first in importance in the Street and Transportation category; 59 percent said they would pay more if the money was dedicated to street and alley repair; and 48 percent supported a tax increase to fund street repairs.

Many of these responses mirrored results of a citywide survey on budget priorities conducted in November 2014 by consultant ETC Institute.

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