Vice President Praises Dallas Community Prosecutors

Vice President Praises Dallas Community Prosecutors

Since 2001, Dallas Community Prosecutors have been engaging communities and improving quality of life in neighborhoods across the city. That work was duly noted by Vice President Joe Biden in a roomful of Attorneys Generals from across the country.

Speaking at the National Association of Attorneys General Conference in Washington D.C., Vice President Biden talked about community prosecution efforts across the country, singling out Dallas as a great success story.

“Dallas, Texas still has a program where prosecutors spend time on the ground in the community; identifying quality of life problems and working with community leaders to find solutions,” the Vice President said.

“As community prosecutors, we measure the effect of our work on neighborhood quality of life, community attitudes and crime,” said Senior Assistant City Attorney Maureen Milligan, City of Dallas Chief Community Prosecutor. “So it is very gratifying to have the work we’re doing be recognized by the Vice President, particularly at a national forum.”

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