Transportation-for-Hire Public Safety Advisory

Transportation-for-Hire Public Safety Advisory

 For your safety, only ride in a licensed transportation-for-hire vehicle operated by a permitted driver.

The City ensures a background check has been completed on drivers, vehicles have been inspected and transportation-for-hire Company’s insurance has been checked.

Four key things to look for before taking a ride in a hailable vehicle (taxi), limousine, rideshare or shuttle vehicle in the city of Dallas.

  1. The vehicle has a current permit on the passenger’s side of the front windshield (example below).
  1. A display visible to passengers inside the vehicle which clearly shows the driver’s first name, picture, driver permit number and vehicle permit number.
  1. Hailable vehicles (taxicabs) must have a roof mounted top light (example below) and the following information on at least one door on each side of the vehicle: the name of the operating authority (Taxi Company), vehicle permit number and rate of fare.
  1. All transportation-for-hire drivers must have a City issued permit to operate a transportation-for-hire vehicle. For more information visit

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