OmniGlobe arrives at Dallas Love Field

OmniGlobe arrives at Dallas Love Field

The OmniGlobe is a 3D spherical display that combines entertainment and education by allowing users to play animations on wide range of scientific topics. The globe is on loan from Earth Day Texas, Inc. (“EDTx”), a Dallas, Texas-based 501(c3) nonprofit organization that holds the largest annual environmental expo in the world.

“We are very grateful that they thought of us for this opportunity,” said Director of Aviation, Mark Duebner. “These types of special events and exhibitions continue to make this airport one of the best in the country in customer satisfaction.”

This is the first time that one of these globes has been placed in an airport. The OmniGlobe currently has over 180+ pictures and animations to choose from including the Earth’s wind current patterns; the land mass movement from 600 million years ago; views of all the planets and detailed information about them and even the image of a Death Star from Star Wars.

“Watching the OmniGlobe is like seeing the Earth from outer space,” added Earth Day Texas Executive Director Ken Klaveness. “It’s a captivating way to introduce environmental education to the thousands of travelers that pass through Love Field every single day.”

The exhibition will be up through October and will run simultaneously alongside the 7th Annual Trinity River Photography Contest and is located in the Art/Travelers Art Gallery.


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