Got a home project planned? Be sure your work matches up with City code

Got a home project planned? Be sure your work matches up with City code

Cable television can be a wonderful thing. You’re on the couch flipping channels, enjoying your Sunday, when one of the seemingly endless number of home improvement shows catches your attention. In about 22 minutes, an entire kitchen, bathroom or house, can be remodeled. The Sunday malaise quickly gives way to motivation and the immediate desire to make that trip to the local hardware store to fill the cart with new projects.

But it’s usually not as simple as it looks. Through the magic of editing, anything can look easy and painless, but in fact, most home improvement show projects require the proper permits before hammer or screwdriver meets any surface.

The City of Dallas’ Office of Sustainable Development, Construction and Residential Building Inspection is a one-stop shop for services that ensure all new construction and any modification and repairs meet City codes and regulations.

What kind of work can generally be done by a homeowner?

Unless exempted by Chapter 52 of the Dallas Building Code, permits are required for electrical work, which must be performed by a licensed electrician.
Under the Texas Homestead Act, Texas Plumbing License Law and Texas Mechanical License Law, a person who owns, occupies and has homesteaded the home where the work is to be performed is exempted from the requirement of having a licensed person do the work and may do any kind of plumbing or mechanical work on his/her homestead themselves.

Work performed by a homeowner requires a permit (when required by Chapter 52 of the Dallas Building Code) and inspection (if required). If no permit or inspection is required, the homeowner is required to comply with the plumbing and mechanical codes.

A listing of required building inspections can be found here.

To access a building inspection form and application and get brochures on how to secure needed permits, go here.

City Building Inspection offices can be found at the Oak Cliff Municipal Center, 320 E. Jefferson Blvd. or call (214) 948-4480, Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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