Education task force focuses on student achievement

Education task force focuses on student achievement

Education TF

An Education Task Force made up of three Dallas City Council members and Dallas Independent School District (DISD) Trustees is exploring long-term strategies to promote student achievement, economically strong communities and healthy neighborhoods.

The Task Force started meetings in June 2014 to understand and grow collaboration of existing DISD and City of Dallas partnership programs. These current partnerships include programs with the Dallas Public Library, City Office of Cultural Affairs, Dallas Parks and Recreation and the Dallas Police Department.

Recommendations from the Mayor’s 2014 Dallas Forum for Public Education include:
• Focused on developing and expanding quality Pre-K for all 4-year olds
• Improving elementary schools and parental involvement
• Implementing individual learning plans
• Changing the culture of struggling middle and high schools
• Possible adoption of elementary schools by faith-based organizations.

The Task Force’s 2015 additional key recommendations are:
• Increase participation in early childhood and K-12 educations support programs offered by the City
• Increase public outreach pushing DISD initiatives, particularly Pre-K registration, through City’s media and public information efforts
• Seek partnership opportunities for existing and future facilities and spaces between DISD and the City

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