City wellness initiatives thrive with employees

City wellness initiatives thrive with employees

City wellness
Daily lifestyle choices are increasingly imperative to the health and future of many Americans.

To get employees to learn about and adopt better life style choices, the City has launched a new health and wellness initiative. The new Thrive! Program will provide the support, tools and skills employees need to make long-term, substantive changes in their health by focusing on education, fitness, nutrition, musculoskeletal health and stress management.

By educating employees to adopt new healthier daily lifestyles, the City hopes to also maximize customer service to the people of Dallas.

“City employees are better able to do their jobs and help the public when they are healthy and at their best,” said Forest Turner, City Chief Wellness Officer. “We are taking care of Dallas citizens’ one employee at a time.”

The City is also working to empower employees to take ownership of their long-term wellness decisions in order to avoid preventable diseases and future complications that can come with age. Simple health and wellness changes can be small and incorporated into daily city life.

“A significant amount of lost sick days and healthcare claims are a result of illnesses related to preventable behaviors such as poor diet, sedentary work and personal lifestyle, habits and lack of stress coping mechanisms,” said Turner.

Turner hope that as employees achieve success in the Thrive! Program, the city will benefit as well.

“Healthy and happy employees truly contribute to making the City of Dallas a great place to work and live.”

For more information visit Thrive! on Twitter at @COD_Thrive or check out the following videos:

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