City of Dallas athletic fields get new sports-lighting system

City of Dallas athletic fields get new sports-lighting system

Dallas Park and Recreation Department is upgrading lighting at 14 soccer, baseball, football, rugby and softball fields around the City. The customized state-of-the-art lighting is being installed at Norbuck, Glencoe, Churchill, Harry S. Moss and Lawnview parks.

“It’s all part of a pilot program to reduce energy consumption and give park employees better control and flexibility in scheduling athletic fields,” said John Jenkins, Dallas Parks and Recreation Assistant Director. We are excited about utilizing the latest technology to improve customers’ experiences at our facilities.”

In addition to enhancing security, the control system will allow park officials to extend operating hours and offer additional services such as nighttime sporting events. The lighting upgrades will save the department $27,668 in annual electricity and employee costs.

“These amenities are wonderful examples of our commitment to maximize the functionality of city resources while minimizing costs,” Jenkins said. “This investment will realize a significant savings within two years.”

Until now, park employees had to manually travel to each field to turn on and off the lights, spending an average of 20-30 minutes in travel time. Park officials say they expect to expand this technology to many more sites, ensuring that facilities will stay competitive.

“We have plans to expand this technology to more sites, ensuring our facilities stay competitive,” Jenkins said.

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