City makes property acquisition, eminent domain procedure changes

City makes property acquisition, eminent domain procedure changes

Responding to issues raised by the City Council related to property acquisitions and Eminent Domain, City staff is changing the process of acquiring property for public projects requiring Council action.

“These changes are designed to ensure transparency and awareness of upcoming public projects that will subsequently result in a voluntary acquisition or eminent domain proceeding,” First Assistant City Manager Ryan Evans said in a memo to Councilmembers.

Property acquisitions requiring Council action will now be processed as follows:

  • Other than current projects in which acquisition activities have already begun, staff will seek Council authorization for major projects requiring property acquisition; listing parcels of land needed prior to negotiations with the
  • Staff will process one of two resolutions:
  1. A single specific resolution for a voluntary, agreed acquisition when the transaction is ready to close; or
  1. A separate resolution for eminent domain authorizations, only if a voluntary acquisition is not li

City staff will also provide more information in the Agenda Information Sheets about negotiations, contact history and possible relocation benefits.

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