The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) will conduct the following public meetings from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. to present project information and gather public input regarding the proposed Southern Gateway Managed Lanes project in Oak Cliff:

Tuesday January 26
Beckley-Saner Recreation Center
114 W. Hobson Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75224

Thursday January 28
Thurgood Marshall Recreation Center
5150 Mark Trail
Dallas, Texas 75232

The purpose of the 11-mile project is to improve mobility, traffic operations, address roadway deficiencies and improve safety within the city of Dallas. The project proposes improvements to Interstate 35 East (I-35E) from US Highway 67 (US 67) to Reunion Boulevard and along US 67 from Interstate 20 (I-20) to I-35E.

The project would consist of full reconstruction of I-35E between the I-35E/US 67 split interchange and Colorado Boulevard to include two reversible non-tolled express/managed lanes, increasing the number of main lanes from eight to 10 and increasing the number of frontage road lanes.

Along US 67 from I-20 to the I-35E/US 67 split, the proposed improvements consist of changing the existing concurrent HOV lane to a non-tolled reversible express/managed lane within the existing median. Additional proposed improvements also would include full reconstruction of the I-35E/US 67 interchange.

Since the series of public meetings in summer 2015, there have been changes to the project based on stakeholder and public input. The most notable change is that managed lanes are no longer proposed as a toll facility. Instead, a non-tolled express/managed lane open to all users is proposed.

Other changes include relocating the managed lanes access points, providing wider cross-street accommodations for pedestrians and bicycles, updates to ramping configuration at Beckley Avenue, adding general purpose lanes and realignment of mainline geometry to reduce right-of-way impacts.

The project is approximately $625 million and is anticipated to begin in late 2017 for three to four years.

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