City departments team up to demolish nuisance house

City departments team up to demolish nuisance house

Residents of one Casa View neighborhood are breathing a sigh of relief as City crews prepare demolished a rundown house that has been a blight in their community for more than a decade.

“This is a great example of how a number of City departments responded and came together as a team to make a neighborhood cleaner and safer,” said Community Prosecutor Amanda Chase. One neighbor who lives adjacent to the house, described his appreciation this way: “Seeing the property cleaned up…. it’s like winning the lottery.”

Mountains of trash in and around the house were moved to prepare for the demolition as dozens of Casa View area neighbors came out of their homes to thank City staff for their efforts. A bio-hazard contractor was called in to dispose of gallons of waste accumulated in the house over the years and another outside contractor was hired to remove asbestos.

Police also removed drug paraphernalia and a number of home-made weapons and other potential hazards from the house. The property was taken in a writ of possession by the City of Dallas after repeated efforts to work with the occupant failed.

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