Trinity Pump Station Passes Key Test

Trinity Watershed Management recently conducted a performance test on the new Baker No. 3 pump station scheduled to be fully operational in spring 2015. The test evaluated how many gallons of water were pumped per minute and the functionality of the pumps and associated technology. The pump station play a key role in pumping the rain water from the sumps and storm water drains on the dry side of the Dallas Levee System into the Dallas Floodway.

“Baker No. 3 features the latest technology and are considered high reliability pumps,” said Dhruv Pandya, Assistant Director of Flood Control. “This pump station will provide flood protection and bring heightened peace-of-mind to the neighborhoods and business districts in the area.”

The new pump station successfully passed the test, with a total pumping capacity of 700,000 gallons per minute when all four pumps were engaged. The new storm water pump station features the largest high efficiency corrosion-resistant Concrete Volute pumps of their type installed in the United States.

The design and construction of Baker No. 3 was funded by the 2006 Bond Program.

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