Trauma Kit initiative begins second phase of implementation

Trauma Kit initiative begins second phase of implementation

Life-saving trauma kits will soon be available in most city facilities, including police sub-stations, recreation centers and at Dallas City Hall. The move is the second phase of a city wide initiative by the Office of Emergency Management, Dallas Police and Dallas Fire-Rescue.

A live demonstration was held at City Hall Sept. 6 to show how to use the trauma kits in the event of an active shooter situation.

The kits are used to stop massive bleeding, treat chest injuries and provide airway clearance in emergencies, and have saved lives since Dallas Police first began using them about a year ago. Parkland Hospital Deputy Medical Director Lt. Alexander L. Eastman said they are designed for use by non-experts before medical professionals can get to the scene.

“We hope to never have to use these kits, but in the case of an active shooter emergency, they make it possible for people in the vicinity of the victims to provide lifesaving treatment before first responders arrive,” Eastman said. Other public buildings across Dallas, including North Park Mall and the American Airlines Center, will soon be equipped with the trauma kits.

For more background on the project click here.

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