Spotlight: Kristine Schwope, Community Development Commission Chair

Spotlight: Kristine Schwope, Community Development Commission Chair

We asked Kristine a few questions about volunteering her time and efforts toward community development efforts. Here are her comments:

What Council District do you represent, and how long have you served on the CDC?
I serve District 12- Councilwoman Sandy Greyson and have served on CDC for over 10 years!

Why did you volunteer to serve on the Community Development Commission?
I volunteered to serve on the CDC because I wanted to learn more about the support the City gives the nonprofit community and how I could help educate others about these funds and efforts.

What significant initiatives have you seen with the use of HUD CDBG and HOME funds over the past five years?

I am always amazed by redevelopment projects such as Jubilee Park and Bexar Street, which are great stewards in our city dealing with basic need issues. This includes afterschool care through agencies like Catholic Charities, workforce development in partnership with nonprofits like CitySquare and their repairs programs for senior’s homes. Commissioners tour a sampling of these projects every year and see firsthand the ongoing impact in our city.

You are involved in quite a bit of community development activities. What effort are you currently involved in that you enjoy and why?

I love serving with The Stewpot Alliance and supporting the efforts of The Stewpot which offers holistic services to the homeless in downtown Dallas. Whether it is feeding those in need or providing ID documentation, payee representation or art therapy, it’s a joy to see the transition to stability of people for whom hope and support is transformative.

Kristine Schwope Bio:
Kristine Schwope, president of Class Act Creative and consulting Creative Director for Regali Inc., has served the Dallas community in many capacities including President of the Stewpot Alliance, Chair, Community Development Commission for the City of Dallas (on commission since 2006); and board member of the Junior League of Dallas Sustainers Leadership Council and Family Compass.

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