New Dallas.GOV Domain Name

New Dallas.GOV Domain Name

The City of Dallas is changing its domain in 2022 from to

Here are a few fundamental reasons why.

    • This change will increase the security and searchability of our online presence.
    • The first set of standards for domains, developed in the 1980s, originally designated .com for commercial purposes and .gov for government.
    • To maintain domain integrity, eligibility is limited to qualified government organization and programs.
    • Having a managed domain name such as .gov assures users that they are accessing an official U.S. government site.

“There are several reasons why the switch from .com to .gov is necessary. The biggest reason is that .gov is controlled by federal government domains that are more secure and harder to spoof.,” says Chief Information Security Officer, Brian Gardner Ph.D. emails will forward to addresses until the migration is complete. will eventually forward to

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