Inside City Hall: Dallas 311

Inside City Hall: Dallas 311

Taking over 930,000 non-emergency calls per year, Dallas 311 connects Dallas residents to the City Departments they need to reach when they need to reach them. With more than 400 service request types, our call takers work tirelessly to resolve questions from the simple to the complex for our residents.

“311’s role is to basically be the intermediary between the citizen and the department that’s going to provide service,” says interim 311 Director John Johnson. “Residents can reach to us through the phone, on the mobile app or on the web and we can get that information to the appropriate department.”

Dallas 311 underwent a multi-million-dollar upgrade in technology, switching from a Motorola based system to a Salesforce-based Customer Management system that allowed for updates in how 311 keeps Dallas residents connected.

“The future for 311 is bright, and our new software has so many new features we have yet to deploy,” says Johnson. “it’s increased capability for reporting, data transparency and the ease with which people can submit and check on their services request.”

Dallas 311 is committed to connecting you to the right department at the right time.

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