Inside City Hall: Code Compliance Services

Inside City Hall: Code Compliance Services

Code Compliance is one of the largest departments in the City of Dallas, with 15 different divisions that cover a range of issues from regulating food protection to mosquito abatement to nuisance abatement. Code Compliance Services mission is to ensure the City is a safe place to live, work and play.

“What that means basically is that our department is going to make sure that…property owners are keeping their properties [sic] in a clean safe manner,” says Donna Lee, Executive Manager, Code Compliance Services “a lot of times the community sees us as just enforcement arm and so we want to change the mindset to show we’re not just here for enforcement, we’re here to assist.”

Code Compliance Services also offers a free course called Citizens Code Academy to teach community members about what the Department does as well as identify neighborhood code issues independently.

If you see something, say something and contact Code using 311.

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