Employee groups help City foster diversity and ethical standards

Employee groups help City foster diversity and ethical standards

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Ethics refers to standards of right and wrong that prescribe what people ought to do, usually in terms of duties, principles, specific virtues, or benefits to society.

The Office of Ethics and Diversity’s exists to ensure the public trust by promoting a culture of ethics and sensitivity within the City of Dallas. The Office works alongside all departments within the City to create an ethically sound and diverse environment for employees.

“At the City of Dallas, we believe it is not enough to do things right, but that we must also do the right thing,” said Cheryl D. Orr, Ethics and Diversity Officer. “The City is committed to assuring that employees make good choices and act ethically.”
The City’s goal is to assure employees have access to training, advice, consultation and hotlines to work effectively in an ethical and diverse environment.

The City’s Code of Ethics is a roadmap for how employees should uphold the City’s commitment to high standards of professionalism, customer service and integrity. Its intent is to guide employees in their work and shape their thinking when addressing ethical dilemmas.

“The citizens of Dallas expect employees to perform their duties in a principled manner, thus the City will do all it can to assure that employees understand ethical expectations,” said Orr.

The City implements its values of a vibrant and progressive workforce by hiring diverse employees reflective of the residents in order to provide the best service to the citizens of Dallas.

With this, the Office of Ethics and Diversity is currently engaged with the 10 Employee Advisory Committee (EACs) within the City.

“We are supportive of the Hispanic Association of City Employees for Results (HACER), Black Employees Support Team (BEST) and Asian American Association of City Employees (AAACE),” said ),” said David Visconti, Ethics and Diversity Coordinator. Several more EACs will be launching in the near future.

“Recently, we have been actively engaging the formation of the City’s LGBT employee group, otherwise referred to as City Association for Promoting Equality (CAPE),” said Visconti.

Key specialized partnerships including the City Attorney’s office, Human Resources, Civil Service and the City Auditor help achieve a diligent and honest work environment.

“We will work to maintain an ethical, diverse and capable workforce, in order to assure that the citizens of Dallas are receiving world class services,” said Orr.

For more information, visit: http://dallascityhall.com/departments/ethics/Pages/default.aspx

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