DAS live release rates, adoptions at an all-time high

DAS live release rates, adoptions at an all-time high

For the second consecutive month, Dallas Animal Services (DAS) has broken their monthly live release record, finding homes for 73.9 percent of animals during February. Overall, DAS live release rates have increased by 30 percent since 2011 and adoptions have quadrupled.

DAS Record | Feb 2016

For the past two months, DAS has not had to euthanize any healthy animals.

“There are so many hands in this effort that have made the difference,” said DAS Director Jody Jones. “From our partners, staff and City leadership, this is a total team effort,” she said.

In January 2012, the City of Dallas unveiled a plan to end the killing of healthy, adoptable animals. The plan called for increased community involvement, more public/private partnerships to emphasize spaying/neutering pets and community outreach to pet owners in need.

Besides saving lives, reducing euthanasia engages the community in the welfare of its animals, makes Dallas a more pet-friendly place, saves tax dollars and improves quality of life for pets and people.

To be a part of this historic effort, should consider adopting, donating, or volunteering. Learn how by visiting DallasAnimalServices.org.

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