Dallas Water Utilities seeks public input on proposed revisions to Floodplain Regulations

Dallas Water Utilities seeks public input on proposed revisions to Floodplain Regulations

Dallas Water Utilities (DWU) is seeking public input on proposed changes to Division 51A-5.100, “Flood Plain Regulations,” of Article V, “Flood Plain and Escarpment Zone Regulations,” of Chapter 51A of the Dallas Development Code.  The City of Dallas floodplain regulations are being updated to provide clarity in areas of ambiguity, and to provide an easier, more streamlined building permit process.

All properties within the FEMA mapped floodplains or located along a stream are potentially affected by the updates.

Some proposed revisions include changing “flood plain” to “floodplain”; adding and clarifying definitions; clarifying the existence of regulatory floodplain maps and FEMA maps; adding 500-year floodplain elevation requirements; editing tree requirements to reference Article X; providing references to FEMA documents; clarifying the role of the board of adjustment; providing clarification for parking requirements within a floodplain area; providing clarification for fences in a floodplain area; providing elevator requirements within floodplains; reducing the substantial improvement timeframe from 10 years to five years to allow for general maintenance; allowing a director-approved fill permit process; providing pre-application conference requirements to the floodplain alteration permit; providing cantilevering requirements; amending the 130 acre limitations to 100 acres throughout to maintain consistency with the updated City of Dallas Drainage manual; eliminating the fill permit extension option; providing that fill permits expire five years after issuance; clarifying requirements for a building permit.

Dallas Water Utilities is providing the proposed changes online to facilitate public feedback and is accepting written feedback. The public is encouraged to view the proposed revisions to Chapter 51A, “Dallas Development Code: Ordinance No. 19455” Click to Download Document

Click to Download Comment Card  Comment Cards must be received by April 30, 2021.

Comment cards can be submitted by email to: [email protected] or mailed to:

Dallas Water Utilities, Floodplain and Drainage Management
Oak Cliff Municipal Center (OCMC)
320 East Jefferson, Room 312
Dallas, TX  75203

Please email questions about Floodplain Regulations to:

[email protected]

For information on how to obtain a floodplain related permit, please call 214-948-4690.

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