Dallas Love Field offers Thanksgiving travel tips

Dallas Love Field offers Thanksgiving travel tips

To help holiday travelers make it to their destinations smoothly and as stress-free as possible, Dallas Love Field has these parking and travel tips:

  1. Check with your airline for flight departure/arrival status prior to arriving at the airport.
  2. Arrive at least 1½ to 2 hours before your flight to allow time for parking, check-in, baggage check, security and any unplanned event(s) especially during peak hours. Be aware that Dallas Love Field has many areas under construction, and as a result, many areas have been changed. Please give yourself time to get acquainted with new locations and directions.
  3. Drop-off and curbside check-in for all Southwest Airlines’ passengers is on the upper roadway in front of the Ticketing/Check-In on Herb Kelleher Way (formerly Cedar Springs Road).
  4. Pick up for all arriving passengers is in front of Baggage Claim on the upper roadway on Herb Kelleher Way.
  5. Use the Cell Phone Waiting Lot when picking up travelers. It is located on airport property as you approach the terminal, right before the valet parking lot. You will be able to wait there until your passenger calls for pick up at the curb. Due to limited curb space, parking or waiting curbside is not allowed. Dallas Police will be on-site to control traffic and curb monitoring for efficiency and effectiveness.
  6. Vehicles parked in unauthorized areas or abandoned, will be towed.
  7. Parking Garages A and B offer the first 30 minutes of parking for free. After that charges apply. See http://www.dallas-lovefield.com/parking-transportation.html.
  8. Hide, Lock, and Take. Hide your belongings, Lock your car, and Take your keys. If you own a truck, be sure to lock or secure the tailgate.
  9. Pickup for taxis, limousines, transportation network companies and for-hire shuttles is located on the lower level curbside.
  10. Additional travel and airport information can be obtained by visiting one of the three information booths in the terminal lobby, baggage claim and the concessions village.
  11. The Route 524 buses connect Love Field and DART’s Inwood/Love Field station. The free shuttle operates every day from approximately 5:30 to 1 a.m. For schedule and fare information, visit www.DART.org/LoveField.
  12. Due to the volume of vehicles during holidays, consider alternate plans for getting to and from the airport, such as DART, Ground Transportation (Taxis, Shuttle Services, Transportation Network Companies, etc.) or having someone pick up or drop you off.
  13. Carry-on items are limited to one small bag and one personal item (i.e., camera, laptop, briefcase, purse, etc.).

For more information, visit our website at www.dallas-lovefield.com. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at Dallas Love Field or call our Airport Communication Center at (214) 670-LOVE (5683) or email at [email protected] to have any questions answered about the airport. It is open 24 hours / 7 days a week for your convenience.

Media: please contact Justin Snasel, at (214) 670-3484 or [email protected] before arriving on site for news stories.

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