Class is in session with Heavy Equipment Training at the Code Compliance Services Department   

Class is in session with Heavy Equipment Training at the Code Compliance Services Department  

It is training day for Christian Wilfong and others in Code.  

“This is my first job with the City of Dallas,” said Willfong, Equipment Operator with Code Compliance Services.  

Wilfong came to the city from a previous job and currently serves as an equipment operator. With some experience already, learning more about combos and brush trucks is right in his wheelhouse.  

“It’s essential that we know the very fundamentals of what we need to do as operators,” said Wilfong.  

“We have innovated a learning system where we’re already seeing seismic results. Today we’re beta-testing and rolling out the first leg of our heavy equipment school, with the bobcat school,” said Cedric Secoundiata, manager with Nuisance Abatement.  

The group conducts the training at locations in Dallas where there is a request for blight to be removed.  “This course has helped me a little bit in terms of what the city is looking for,” said Wilfong. 

Provides flexibility for staff and helps allocate resources 

With the creation of the heavy equipment school, operators can expand their knowledge of the different types of large equipment in Code during their six-month probationary period.  

“With everyone being cross-trained 100%, we can stand up smaller and more efficient teams,” said Secoundiata.   

Nuisance Abatement assists in cleaning up the city’s illegal dumping and other concerns that can be sore spots daily.  

“I think it’s important because safety first and we all want to make it back home to our families safe and intact the same way we came and it makes me feel better to be a part of something so important,” said Andrew Donelson, supervisor with Nuisance Abatement.  

Safety is key, there are checklists everyone must follow and so far, the program is boosting morale.  

“It’s good to be a part of this, bringing in new operators to have them properly trained,” said Lawrence Coleman, supervisor with Nuisance Abatement.  

 As he takes in all the knowledge he can, Wilfong appreciates the opportunity to learn a few new tricks from a program that’s a first-of-its-kind in the department. 

“Keep bettering yourself. Even if you think you already know what you are doing, there’s always something to learn,” said Wilfong. 

To learn more about all the resources Code’s Nuisance Abatement provides in the City of Dallas, visit the department online. Check out the video of this story here.  

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