Resident feedback needed for FY 2022-23 budget

Resident feedback needed for FY 2022-23 budget

The City of Dallas wants to know what the community’s priorities are for the upcoming budget.

As part of the outreach process for Fiscal Year 2022-23, Budget Management Services is conducting the Budget Priorities Survey to gather feedback from residents.

“Resident feedback is a critical part of the budget development process,” said Chief Financial Officer Elizabeth Reich. “Residents have the opportunity to voice opinions through Spring listening sessions, public hearings at City Council meetings, August Town Hall meetings, and through the bi-annual Community Survey.”

The Budget Priorities Survey is specific to the budget process, and different from the bi-annual community survey, which is wrapping up in early May.

The survey will run through July 2. Hard copies of the survey can be picked up at select Dallas Public Library locations and rec centers.

 The Budget Priorities Survey will be available in multiple languages. Paper versions of the survey will be in Spanish and Vietnamese. Spanish will also be available online.

To take the survey, click here. It can also be found on the City’s Financial Transparency page.

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