City project underway to improve commuting in Dallas

City project underway to improve commuting in Dallas

Improving the commute

The City of Dallas Department of Street Services has a project underway to make commuting in Dallas safer and easier.

The Traffic Signal System Plan upgrade project will improve safety and mobility of the traveling public, reduce malfunctions, provide ability to add left-turn signals and meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and current federal operational, structural and wind-load standards.

The upgrade project is in response to a November 2013 City Council briefing that revealed that more than 80 percent of the 1,500 plus traffic signals in service throughout Dallas are in need of repair and upgrades.

“Our traffic signals have some age-related structural and operational deficiencies,” said Dennis Ware, Director of the Street Services department. “Without a proper maintenance program, over 90 percent of traffic signals will be obsolete by 2025.”

The program will utilize a three-step process that would replace 60 signals annually through attrition, adhering to an industry standard 20-25 year industry standard for useful life. Currently, an average of 15 new signals are constructed each year in the City,

“We aim to ensure the City of Dallas remains a safe place to travel, work and live,” said Ware. “By enhancing the traffic signal system, citizens will have a much better time getting around in this great city.”

The Department of Street Services and its nearly 600 dedicated employees are tasked to ensure the safety of streets and mobility within the City of Dallas, enhancing economic vibrancy and quality of life.

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