UPDATED AT 1:30 P.M: City prepares for possible flooding as storms approach; Drivers are advised to obey all warning signs

UPDATED AT 1:30 P.M: City prepares for possible flooding as storms approach; Drivers are advised to obey all warning signs


The City of Dallas Emergency Operations Center opened at 6 am and will remain activated at a Level 3 – Monitoring Status throughout the event to assist in the coordination of response by multiple City Departments to the flooding associated with Tropical Depression Bill. The City of Dallas received 1.34 inches of rain since midnight. The highest rain totals have been 2.63 inches in far North Dallas. The lowest rain total in the city was 0.04 inches in far South Dallas.

Since the overnight hours, Dallas Fire-Rescue Departments answered 8 high water calls.The City continues to focus efforts on blocking flooded roadways. Trinity Watershed Management has closed seven roads due to high water. Additional information on Road Closures can be found on the OEM Twitter account @DallasOEM and will be continuously updated on the City’s websites.

The City continues to operate the Flood Control system to keep water from affecting property or causing injury to citizens. We are monitoring the situation and will be talking with the State later today regarding the status of the storm and other water related issues.

River elevation: 400.96

  • River change in the last hour: (+0.69)
  • Levee pumps running: 10 (AX, BX, HX, DX, PX)
  • Rain: 1.34” (total since midnight)

Eagle Ford update:

15 pumps running

Elevation at 401.50 @ 1100

The City has Flooded Roadway Warning Signs activated at the following locations:


Sylvan Bridge
Luna @ Y

Tantor @ X
Wildwood @ California Crossing

Merriman Pkwy, 7400
West Lawther @ Northwest Hwy

Goodnight @Walnut Hill

Farmers Market Under Central


The following streets remain closed due to flooding:


California Crossing @ Luna – road base failure

5200 Keeneland Parkway (BTW Burro Pass & Vista Real)

8700 Merriman Parkway

4000 Ranger Dr. (BTW Ottawa Rd. & Angelina Dr.)

1600 X @ Luna

7800 West Lawther Dr. @ Goforth Rd.

The City of Dallas continues to stress to motorists not to drive into water on roadways, or to drive around barricaded roadways. These barricades are put in place to protect lives and property from dangerous flooding. We ask our media partners to continue to push this message to the public.

UPDATED AT 10:30 A.M.:

The National Weather Service (NWS) and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Southwestern Division provided Tropical Storm Bill updates to the City at 10:00 a.m.

The forecast calls for continued rainfall throughout the day as the Storm moves north at 15 mph. An average of 2.3 inches of rain has fallen on the area since early morning with the likelihood of another 2 to 4 inches with flash flooding and high water expected throughout the day.

The City’s Flood Control division currently has 11 pumps running along the west levee near the Eagle Ford sump.  These pumps have been in place since last night to pump localized drainage from West Dallas (near Loop 12 and Singleton) into the Trinity River.  There are currently nine pumps in five pump stations running at this time. Corps also anticipates local lake releases and targeted surcharge relief.

According to Trinity Watershed Management Flood Control and the City Department of Street Services, the following roads are closed due to high water within Dallas:

  • Goodnight at Walnut Hill
  • Luna at Y
  • Luna at X
  • Wildwood at California Crossing
  • Merriman Parkway at 7400
  • West Lawther at Northwest Highway
  • Farmers Market at Central

Flash flooding is expected and all areas and roads flooded during the May storms should expect much of the same for this occurrence. Streets closed for extended periods in May will likely again be closed starting tomorrow night. City crews will pre-stage street barriers and devices starting Tuesday morning in anticipation of road closures.

FloodDrowningPreventionResidents are advised to be aware of high-water conditions and debris and to obey warning signs when approaching flooded trails, streets, streams, lakes, rivers, or any body of water. Drivers should follow these basic rules:

  • Obey all flood warning signs
  • Watch for rising water levels
  • If you see or hear rapidly rising water, get to high ground quickly
  • Do not cross flowing or standing water when you do not know its depth
  • Do not drive through flooded areas; most flood-related deaths occur in vehicles
  • If your vehicle stalls, abandon it and seek higher ground immediately
  • Be especially cautious at night
  • Follow the advice of emergency management officials before going on area lakes or rivers

Residents are encouraged to visit www.dallascitynews.net and the National Weather Service atwww.weather.gov/fwd/  or at @NWSFortWorth for weather updates and information.


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