City announces progress made to combat illegal dumping

City announces progress made to combat illegal dumping

Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Erik Wilson and City officials met with news media today at a chronic illegal dumping site to announce the launch of a new community campaign to fight illegal dumping.

“We are making progress, but that doesn’t mean we are going to relax our efforts,” Wilson said. “We are launching a campaign called RealTrashTalk to continue this momentum. You will begin to see social media pushes with the hashtag: RealTrashTalk, as well as billboards, yard signs, and other material to raise awareness about this critical issue.”

Wilson and representatives from the City Marshal’s Office, Code Compliance, 311, Sanitation and the Dallas Police Department gathered at the site in the 7800 block of Concordia Lane. The area was a chronic dump site until neighbors notified the City and cameras were set up to catch the person responsible. An arrest was made and City crews cleaned up the site, which has remained clean for several months.

Chronic dump sites across the city have been reduced from 62 earlier this year to 54 today and the Marshal’s Office has made a record 175 arrests in this fiscal year. The increase in closed cases is credited to use of updated surveillance equipment, increased community involvement, social media and a partnership with Crime Stoppers which offers up to a $1,500 reward for anonymous tips leading to the arrest of dumpers.

Chief Deputy Marshal Paul Hansen emphasized the serious consequences of illegal dumping and noted that people are being arrested at their workplace and home. More than 30 arrests were made in May alone, and Hansen and the Deputy Mayor Pro Tem pledged that the effort will continue.

“We are aggressively pursuing illegal dumping,” Wilson said. “Our City is not a dumping ground and we are asking neighborhoods to help us keep our forward momentum. Get involved in the campaign, share information, use the #RealTrashTalk hashtag and help us hold people accountable for this crime,” he said.

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