Video: Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance on track to clear out “Tent City”

Video: Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance on track to clear out “Tent City”

The Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance (MDHA) is on track to clear the homeless encampment known as “Tent City” next week. Up to 300 homeless men and women have been calling the area under the I-45 Bridge home.

MDHA, City of Dallas caseworkers, the Dallas Police Department Crisis Intervention team and other partner organizations have been visiting the encampment over the past several months to ensure residents are aware of the impending closures and to offer services and transitional housing options.

Several days before each of the five sections (A through E) close, the Crisis Intervention team explains to residents plans for closing and fencing the area. Crews provide notices to vacate and explain assistance options offered by the City, MDHA and local homeless shelters.

MDHA and Crisis Intervention are offering transportation assistance, help in getting into local shelters and housing programs and rehabilitation opportunities for those battling drug addiction. Once residents of a section have moved out, City contractors clear debris and Street Services installs fencing and barricades to secure the area.

You can help the effort by donating to emergency shelters, homeless service providers, the MDHA flex fund, volunteering in shelters or by supporting affordable housing opportunities in your neighborhood.

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