Update on Dallas Police Department security enhancements

Update on Dallas Police Department security enhancements

Dallas Chief of Police David O. Brown released a memorandum on Aug. 31 highlighting the status of various security enhancements enacted after the June 2015 attack on the Jack Evans Police Headquarters. Within 24 hours of the shooting, critical work began on ways to enhance safety.

“Currently, we are working in a security study to develop a conceptual plan to increase the physical security and protection of the public and DPD personnel at police facilities,” said Chief Brown.

Among the key measures completed since June, dedicated officer patrols were implemented at all seven police facilities in the City and all windows at headquarters have been replaced. The Mayor, City Council and City Manager’s Office have dedicated one million dollars in the FY2015-16 fiscal budget for enhanced security improvements at all police facilities. City Council will vote to implement the newest budget on September 22.

Formed in 1881, the Dallas Police Department has more than 3,400 officers serving 1.3 million people over 343 square miles. For more information visit www.dallaspolice.net.

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