Shared dockless vehicles return to Dallas

Shared dockless vehicles return to Dallas

Permitted for one year, three operators are launching up to 500 vehicles each. The City of Dallas has worked to update two sections of city code and has created detailed Program Rules to help make this relaunch effort safe, accessible, and to meet the transportation needs of residents and visitors.

For more information, please see the program website:


  1. How does the new program intend to address safety concerns?
    1. The new Program Rules require that the shared scooters and e-bikes meet safety specifications that include front and rear lights, and a maximum speed of 20 mph. First-time users are required to take a knowledge test of the City’s laws for riding in the companies’ apps. Recurring tests will also be administered in the apps. Additionally, some of the companies are including features like reaction time tests to detect and deter intoxicated riding.
  1. What did the city consider when evaluating the relaunch?
    1. Per previous council memos, relaunch has been an ongoing effort . Please see the memo from May 5 for further information. The presentation to City Council on June 15, 2022 contains additional information on the work that occurred and the issues that were being addressed since the fall of 2020.
  1. Why did the city limit the program to three vendors?
    1. The number of operators was limited in order to better manage the number of vehicles and subsequent coordination with the operators and ensuring overall program management and adherence to program rules. Permits will be valid for one year at which time a new call for permit applications will take place.
  1. What are rules renters should keep in mind while scooting/biking? Penalties?
    1. Riders should remember to stay off the sidewalk when riding, and walk their scooters to appropriate spaces to park. Riders should then submit a photo to end their trip showing that they correctly parked their vehicle. Incorrectly parking a scooter will result in a $20 fine. Moving violations like riding the wrong way on a one-way street can result in a fine of up to $200 dollars.
    2. Please see the Rider Information section of our webpage for more information:
  1. Where most of the bikes/scooters are located?
    1. No more than 25 percent (375 units) may be deployed in the Central Zone. This zone is inclusive of Downtown, Uptown, and Deep Ellum. To encourage dispersion across the city and to meet the needs of residents, at least 15 percent (225 units) of the total fleet must be deployed in Equity Opportunity Zones across the city. The remaining 900 units can be deployed across the rest of the city, but must be parked on sidewalks wider than 8 feet wide or in designated parking corrals or bike racks.
  1. How many bikes and scooters will be out for the May 24 soft launch?
    1. The number of vehicles to be deployed will vary by day and by operator, but the maximum allowed is 500 vehicles per operator.
  1. How do people rent one? How much does it cost?”
    1. Riders should download the app of the company that owns the vehicle and register as a user. Then, scan the QR code on the vehicle to begin the ride. Rates vary by company. At the conclusion of the ride, a user must submit an end of trip photo to ensure proper parking. Please see the Contact Information section  of our webpage for more information:

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