Save a Tree, Water! 

Trees are an essential part of our world as they provide the oxygen that we breathe. It is important that we take care of trees throughout all seasons.  Harsh conditions like cold winds, bright sun, ice, snow and frost can destroy trees. Newly planted and young trees are the most affected, as they do not have the mass to take up and save water. 

Trees should be watered every 7 to 10 days with no rainfall with temperatures below 70 degrees. When the temperatures rise, especially at night, upping to once a week is critical. 

Mulching and watering help insulate both the tree and the soil.  Moist soil is warmer than dry, and a well-watered tree is less likely to sustain freeze damage, so if freezing temperatures are forecasted it is important to water trees. 

After the Storm 

Storms, high winds, flooding, ice or snow can be devastating to our trees. After storms, it is common to see trees with broken or stripped leafs. While leaf loss is not a major problem, if after several days you observe dead leaves on a branch, this may be indication of a problem that needs assessment. 

If it is wintertime and there are no leaves present carefully look for cracks, broken or hanging branches that will require attention. 

A well cared for tree does not mean constant pruning, as pruning can cause stress and the wound left behind is a wound that never heals. A well cared for tree is one that is watered.  

Call a Certified Arborist to assess your tree and assist in making an informed decision on next steps.  To find an Arborist certified by the International Society of Arboriculture, visit, click “Find a Professional” and search by State, City or Zip Code. 

If you lose a tree and need to replace it, or would like more general tree information, you can also visit City of Dallas Forestry website.

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