Resources, tips for learning in a pandemic

Resources, tips for learning in a pandemic

The end of summer is approaching fast and with that comes the back-to-school season. For parents of school-aged students, this academic school year is going to be unique due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although this school year will have its challenges, assistance and resources are available.

Residents currently enrolled in a GED program, pursuing higher education or seeking ways to develop their skills can also take advantage of free tools to ensure success in endeavors to grow professionally during this time of uncertainty.

To ease some stress residents may be experiencing, we have complied a list of free resources to set you up for success.

K-12 Resources

For parents with kids in school, the Dallas Public Library (DPL) offers various services that could help children stay attuned in school. Students in middle and high school may be required to gather research from reliable sources for various assignments. Ask A Librarian through DPL lets students get professional help in locating credible sources for essays, projects and general inquiries. Librarians can also help students access books from different regions for studying and research purposes with inter-library loans.

Young scholars can also take advantage of computer tutors that provide homework help for all subjects. There are many tutoring programs to choose from and they can be accessed here. Children not only have access to online tutors, but they can also visit children-only libraries, access eBooks and other early literacy resources by visiting DPL’s website.

Undergraduate and Graduate Resources

For residents enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program, the DPL offers services for students in higher education or those thinking about pursuing a degree. There is also assistance for those who need help learning Microsoft Office applications which is important for both school and work assignments.

For those considering college or other high education institutions, Learning Express Library provides test prep for SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT and other major entrance exams. There are practice tests, tutorials, eBooks and other studying material for college-level courses such as Calculus or Advanced Biology.

General Life Skills and Professional Development Resources

The Adult Learning Center provides study guides and other materials that will aid in studying for the GED and U.S. Citizenship test. The center offers practice tests and study guides to help achieve passing scores. Additionally, there are Spanish courses to make it easier for native Spanish speakers to hold everyday conversations with locals.

For those seeking to build their career skills, the Learning Express Library has skill-building tutorials for career advancement. There is training for programs and job certifications such as law enforcement, cosmetology, real estate and many other required entrance exams for career fields. Learning Express Library also provides classes to help adults build their reading, writing, and mathematical skills in both English and Spanish.

Written by Karrington Bradley

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