Rec@Home brings activities to families confined at home

[email protected] brings activities to families confined at home

Dallas Park and Recreation staff are connecting with residents online through a weekly video series called [email protected]. This free resource teaches families different ways they can enjoy recreation and leisure activities in the safety of their own homes, as they protect themselves during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

From the onset of the global COVID-19 health crisis, park employees began brainstorming ways they could encourage residents to remain committed to their established fitness routines and healthy lifestyle practices during the event of mandatory city facility closures. [email protected] was created with this in mind.

[email protected] is written, edited and produced in-house by park and recreation employees. These videos are five to 10 minutes long and cover topics such as fitness for all ages, healthy eating and crafts for kids. 

“At a time when families are spending more time together, activities for children and parents are critical to their well-being and ability to manage the challenges resulting from this pandemic. With our recreational facilities closed, residents can still stay energetic with [email protected]’s easy-to-follow videos that show them the types of recreation suitable for indoor enjoyment,” said John D. Jenkins, Dallas Park and Recreation interim director. 

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