Public Survey: Hazard Mitigation Action Plan (HazMAP)

Public Survey: Hazard Mitigation Action Plan (HazMAP)

The City of Dallas Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is updating the Hazard Mitigation Action Plan (HazMAP) and wants to encourage residents to participate in the process. The HazMAP is a city-wide plan intended to identify hazards through a risk assessment, identify projects to reduce the impact of hazards, and provide guidance for hazard mitigation efforts and actions.

OEM wants to hear from you and wants you to participate in the planning process by providing feedback on the HazMAP.

  • Do the hazards and impacts in the risk assessment reflect the hazards and impacts that affect you?
  • Are the mitigation projects identified in the HazMAP appropriate to meet your concerns?
  • Are there any projects not identified in the HazMAP that you think should be added?

Hazard mitigation is an important part of keeping our city safe, and your participation in the process ensures that your voice and your concerns are heard! This survey will be active until March 31, 2023.


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