Provisions for feeding those experiencing homelessness

Provisions for feeding those experiencing homelessness

If you find it in your heart to give a meal to someone experiencing homelessness this holiday season, make safe food handling a top priority. Proper food handling prevents dangerous foodborne illnesses from spreading, such as salmonella and staphylococcus (staph). The City of Dallas Code Compliance Services has put together a guide of provisions when feeding those experiencing homelessness.

Be safe when preparing and serving food:
1. Practice good hygiene by washing hands for at least 20 seconds using soap and warm water. Stop the spread of bacteria and viruses by using paper towels to dry your hands. Wear disposable gloves when possible. Use hand sanitizers as needed.
2. Maintain a cold temperature at 41˚F or lower, or a hot temperature at 135˚F or above, for all temperature controlled for safety food items. Transport food in clean containers.
3. Prepare and serve food within 4 hours to avoid contamination by bacteria and viruses.

Provide notice:
1. The City of Dallas requires 24 hours advance notice on feeding events hosting 75 or more individuals. When hosting feeding events with less than 75 individuals, you may provide notice within 48 hours after the meal.
2. Please include name(s) of the person(s), or organization(s) hosting the feeding event. Provide date(s) and time(s) of the feeding event, including the address and number of food servers at the location.
3. Notice may be made via 311, or by email: [email protected].

Be a good neighbor:
1. Be prepared and courteous by providing trash bags for clean-up after feeding is complete. It is mandatory to haul away all trash and garbage generated as a result of the feeding event.
2. Encourage participants to consume meals at the feeding event site to reduce litter in and around the neighborhood.
3. Code Compliance Services highly encourages hosting feeding events at safe and secure sites where those served may connect to housing opportunities and individualized support services.

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