October 20 Storm Update: FAQ

October 20 Storm Update: FAQ

Below are frequently asked questions the City of Dallas has received regarding the October 20 evening storm.

I’m in an area impacted by the storm on October 20.  What resources are available to me if I am unable to remain in my home?

The City of Dallas is working with The Red Cross to provide shelter, meals and comfort for families affected at Bachman Lake Recreation Center, 2750 Bachman Drive.

Red Cross disaster responders can also help facilitate the replacement of items like prescription medication and eyeglasses.

What next steps should I take to protect myself?
Call your insurance agent or company as soon as possible to report property damage.
Gather and review important documents like health, auto, and home insurance policies.
Visit the Texas Department of Insurance to learn more here: https://www.tdi.texas.gov/consumer/storms/recoverytips.html

How is the City keeping our homes safe?

Dallas Police Department is performing extra neighborhood patrols in the areas affected for safety and strongly urges people to avoid the impacted areas or remain indoors from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.

If you see something suspicious, please say something using our iWatchDallas app or
dial 9-1-1 for in-progress calls.

When will my recycling and trash be collected?
Some of the Monday trash pick-up was delayed by storm debris. Sanitation Services will return to Monday pick up locations on Wednesday to attempt to complete trash pick-up.

Storm debris pick-up will begin this Wednesday. Contractors will be on hand to assist our efforts to collect storm debris.

Brush should be placed just behind the curb, not in alleyways.  Brush should not be placed in the street, on the sidewalk, or in any manner that will interfere with vehicular or pedestrian traffic or with routine waste collection service.

I have a downed tree blocking my road/alley – who do I call?

Call 3-1-1, use our online portal at dallascityhall.com or use the OurDallas mobile app to place a service request.

I have a downed light pole or traffic signal – who do I call?

Call 3-1-1, use our online portal at dallascityhall.com or use the OurDallas mobile app to place a service request.

If I smell gas, who should I contact?

Immediately leave the area and call 9-1-1 and the Atmos Energy emergency number: 866-322-8667.

How quickly will power be restored?

Oncor estimates power will be restored for most people on Thursday. You may review current outage levels by visiting Oncor’s website.  https://stormcenter.oncor.com/external/default.html

I would like to help. Where can I volunteer?

Please visit voly.org to register for any current or future volunteer opportunities related to the October 20 tornado/severe weather event.

What supplies are needed?

Rather than supplies, we encourage people to donate to the City of Dallas Emergency Assistance Fund located here: https://dallemerasstfund.kimbia.com/dallemerasstfund.


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