Nighttime Economic Study Reveals Dallas as a Thriving Hub After Dark 

Nighttime Economic Study Reveals Dallas as a Thriving Hub After Dark 

Dallas, Texas – April 29, 2024 – The Dallas nightlife scene contributed a substantial $15 billion in direct economic impact, encompassing sales from nightlife venues and additional spending by patrons. When considering induced effects, the overall indirect economic influence was $24.4 billion and sustained a workforce of 256,000 jobs. This comprehensive economic impact also translated to around $864 million in combined state and local tax revenues. 

The City of Dallas Office of Convention and Event Services and Visit Dallas commissioned Tourism Economics, an Oxford Economics Company, to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the economic and tax impacts attributable to the nightlife economy in Dallas.  

To gauge the economic influence of Dallas’s nightlife economy, Tourism Economics meticulously crafted a comprehensive model that drew from multiple primary and secondary data sources, such as data sourced from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau. It aimed to accurately quantify the ramifications stemming from the diverse facets of the nightlife economy, including restaurants and food service, bars, sports and recreation, event venues, and arts and cultural programming and events. 

“This study is important for providing an understanding about how to better use City resources in our entertainment districts. Responsible hospitality requires that we have great relationships with our businesses, understand the revenue those businesses generate and measure those revenues against city investments in public safety, code enforcement, and permitting. The next phase of this report will include an investment in looking at these relevant city processes,” stated Rosa Fleming, Director of Tourism, Conventions and Events at the City of Dallas.  

The results of this comprehensive study shed light on the city’s vibrant nighttime (6PM – 6AM) scene. The findings paint a vivid picture of Dallas as a dynamic hub after sunset, with a diverse array of businesses and activities contributing significantly to the local economy. From bustling entertainment districts to quiet neighborhood haunts, the city offers something for all residents and visitors after dark.  

“A destination’s nightlife is a critical part of its visitor economy. We have always known Dallas offers a vibrant nightlife scene, spanning several neighborhoods and districts, but through this study, we have a better understanding of the economic significance this sector provides our city,” said Craig Davis, President and CEO of Visit Dallas.  

The impact modeling relied on an IMPLAN Input-Output (I-O) model tailored to the regional economy of Dallas. This study’s findings illuminate the breadth of the nightlife economy’s influence, encompassing business sales within nightlife establishments and additional spending by patrons. Furthermore, it delves into the overall economic effects of the industry, spanning employment rates, household income, and fiscal impacts, including taxation.  

24HourDallas, the nonprofit focused on creating a safe, inclusive, vibrant, and diverse nighttime culture for Dallas businesses, residents, and guests, contributed to the study by amplifying the survey outreach, and engaging with local business owners, musicians, artists, hospitality workers, and nightlife patrons, to complete the survey and conduct personal interviews. “The study reaffirms Dallas is not just a 9AM – 5PM city but also a 5PM – 9AM city,” said Bryan Tony, Good Neighbor Initiative Project Manager of 24HourDallas. “It reiterates the importance of the ongoing work 24HourDallas does in collaboration with the City of Dallas to meet the unique needs of nighttime businesses and consumers alike.” 

The nightlife industry represents an integral part of the Dallas economy. Spending by customers at nightlife venues and businesses sustains thousands of jobs and generates billions in economic activity and state and local tax receipts. As Dallas looks towards the future, the insights gleaned from the study serve as a roadmap for harnessing the city’s nocturnal energy. 

The entire study can be viewed here.  Visit Dallas Press Release here.

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Visit Dallas is an independent, not-for-profit sales and marketing organization contracted with the City of Dallas to promote Dallas as a premier business and leisure travel destination. ​The organization’s collective efforts generate economic impact, jobs and state and local tax revenues, benefiting the community and improving the quality of life for all residents. ​ 

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