New service makes it easy for residents to pay citations anytime

New service makes it easy for residents to pay citations anytime

Dallas Municipal Court launched a new service that allows residents to pay citations over the phone or at retail locations nationwide.

Residents may dial 214-670-0109 and select the pay by phone option to speak with a live agent 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to pay a citation.

In addition, residents may pay in cash in person at 7-Eleven or Ace Cash Express locations throughout the nation providing over 135 locations city-wide for residents to pay citations.  More retail locations are expected to join the program in coming months, eventually bringing the total number of locations available up to 774 in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  Cash is only accepted at the retail locations after the resident dials 214-670-0109 and receives a special bar code to pay via email or text.

“We are providing a convenient way for residents to pay by phone or at a store in their neighborhood to avoid the downtown traffic and parking fees,’” said Gloria Lòpez Carter, Director of Court and Detention Services, “This new program shows our commitment to our theme of ‘Service First.’”

Residents may also pay online by visiting and click the “payment options” button. In addition, there is a “Chat With Us” button for residents who need online chat assistance with the program.

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