New ordinance changes will affect Dallas Animal Services

New ordinance changes will affect Dallas Animal Services

The Dallas City Council voted to approve several ordinance changes that will affect Dallas Animal Services. In addition, DAS is a new, standalone department and is in the process of finding a director.


  • Pet registration will be replaced with mandatory microchipping for dogs and cats
  • The information on the microchip, including owner name, address and contact information must be kept current within 30 days of a change
  • This is a one-time cost for a pet owner that will save money in the long run as there will no longer be yearly registration fees
  • You can obtain a microchip from your veterinarian, or microchips are available for just $15 every day at DAS, no appointment required

Breeder’s Permit

  • All dogs and cats in the city of Dallas must be spayed or neutered by six months old
  • The “intact animal permit” has been replaced by a “breeding permit”
  • Each breeding animal must have their own permit that is renewed annually
  • A veterinarian must approve the animal for breeding with 90 days of application for the permit
  • The owner must be a member of a purebred animal club or licensed by the Texas Occupation Code
  • Limits the number of litters per year

Confinement in Unattended Motor Vehicle

  • Empowers a Peace Office or Animal Services Officer to remove an animal from an unattended motor vehicle using reasonable means after reasonable attempts to locate the owner
  • Applicable in extreme temperatures when animal is showing signs of distress

Repeat Offenders

  • Strengthens penalties for third conviction for proper restraint, rabies vaccination, microchip or spay/neuter
  • Provides process for a hearing to determine whether the animal will be returned to the owner, excluded from city limits or become property of the city for disposition


  • Including a process for municipal courts to dismiss spay/neuter, rabies vaccination, microchipping citations if a citizen complies with the violation within a specific time frame.

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