Love Field launches comprehensive noise lab

Love Field launches comprehensive noise lab

To better educate citizens about noise management at Dallas Love Field, the City of Dallas Department of Aviation has launched a comprehensive noise lab with various easy-to-use resources.

The website, which can be reached here, features real-time flight data showing all flights departing, arriving or passing over the airport and its surrounding area. It also tracks the number of arrivals and departures on each of Love Field’s runways and can run reports for user-selected time periods.

Noise Lab

Noise Lab Web Preview

The noise lab explains the history of Love Field noise management, including its voluntary preferential nighttime runway program. Common FAQs and historical data are featured on the noise lab, as well as a link to log a noise complaint.

Federal law requires Love Field remain operational at all hours. The airport is prohibited from instituting noise curfews or dictating which runway is used if both runways are open. Runways are periodically closed for maintenance, normally during overnight and weekend hours.

Those interested in learning more about airport noise and other Love Field environmental efforts are invited to attend quarterly meetings of the Love Field Environmental Advisory Committee. For more information, contact the noise department at [email protected].

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