Inside City Hall: Dallas Animal Services

Inside City Hall: Dallas Animal Services

Dallas Animal Services (DAS) is the fourth largest animal intake center in the nation and is home to a team dedicated to making sure animals find their forever home. According to Dallas Animal Service Marian Cannell, DAS services as a resource to help enable organizations provide vaccinations, microchipping and spaying, and neutering services for animals. But that’s not all DAS does.  

“We also have a wonderful volunteer program which helps to drive people to assist Dallas Animal Services and seeing how we can help them in return,” says Marian Cannell, with Dallas Animal Services.  

One of the volunteer programs people can sign up for is the D90 Dog Runners program. The group provides high energy dogs with the exercise they need and the stimulation they crave by picking up a dog from DAS and taking it on a run.  

If you’re looking to adopt a pet, its easy: just visit the DAS home page and select the option that reads “adopt”.    

Dallas Animal Services – Adopt, Don’t Shop.   

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