Happy 3-1-1 Day!

The City of Dallas is celebrating a very special day and wants you to join in the celebration by wishing our 3-1-1 Customer Service Agents a Happy 3-1-1 Day by using #Happy311Dallas. And while you have their attention, feel free to report other non-emergencies that will help improve our streets, neighborhoods and quality of life.

“We are here to serve the citizens of Dallas,” said 3-1-1 Operations Manager Cheryl Jones. “3-1-1 Day allows us to increase awareness about our mission and how we’re working to improve customer service and response times.”

Jones says they’ve responded to more than 191,000 calls this year and recorded over 100,000 service requests.

“Improving response time was a big goal for us and I’m pleased to say our team has made some big strides,” said Jones. “Over the last year, we improved response time by more than a minute, making the current average hold time just 37 seconds.”

“Technology has improved operations tremendously,” said Jones. “More than 19,000 citizens have downloaded our free app and more than 26,000 service requests have been entered via the app.”

But, Jones says, there’s no rest for the weary. In fact, her team of 91 Customer Service Agents work 24/7, including weekends and holidays, providing support in 25 languages.

“We want to serve all the citizens of Dallas so we work to make it easy for them to communicate with us whether it’s in their native language, via the Dallas 311 App or our Twitter page,” she said.

Jones invites everyone to follow them on Twitter @311Dallas and don’t forget to use #Happy311Dallas.

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