Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – ForwardDallas Comprehensive Land Use Plan Update

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – ForwardDallas Comprehensive Land Use Plan Update

Initially adopted in 2006, ForwardDallas is now being updated to reflect the needs of today’s neighborhoods. Today in Dallas, your neighborhood influences you and your family’s lives: everything from your housing options, to how you get around, to where the nearest park is, and what businesses are located near your home. This in turn influences your daily commute time, the quality of the air you breathe, where you can spend your money, and your physical, emotional, & mental health.

We have a once-in-a-decade opportunity to update this very important and foundational plan. Your input is needed to create a citywide future vision plan that establishes guidelines for how public and private land should be used and what the city should look like.

How will ForwardDallas be used by the City? 

ForwardDallas is a guiding document for all development in Dallas. A future land use map will be created to helps regulate what is built, where it is built, and how neighborhoods are affected by development. Part of the zoning application review is to determine if the request is in accordance with the City’s Comprehensive Plan (ForwardDallas).

Why give your input? 

ForwardDallas will help inform decision-makers on where investments such as real estate development, transportation projects, and park expansions need to be prioritized. That means that the plan we create together now has the power to shape how future generations experience Dallas as a place to live, learn, work, create, and grow.

Additionally, there is an imbalance in Dallas neighborhoods that may limit education, income earning potential and life expectancy. The city seeks your feedback to address this imbalance. No resident’s life outcomes should be negatively affected by their zip code. Help plan a more equitable future for all Dallas residents.

How can I give my input?

Throughout the Month of May there will be in-person and virtual options for Dallas residents to make their voices heard and can ask City of Dallas planners questions about how the process works. Residents who can’t make it in person but want to provide feedback can submit to the ForwardDallas Comments Map found on the ForwardDallas website.



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