First grader leads the way in community cleanup

First grader leads the way in community cleanup

All it took was one trip to the park with his mom and sister tmake 7-year-old Jeremiah Marshall wonder why one neighborhood was cleaner than theirs.  

“I just basically told him it just takes one person to start something so if you want to get out and pick up the trash, then go for it, said Shantel Marshall, Jeremiah’s mom. 

It’s exactly what it did. First, he cleaned up an alleyThenhe had another idea, to expand and clean up his entire neighborhood around the 10-thousand block of Dear Hollow and Ironwood Ln in the southwest part of Dallas. 

If all the trash is all over the place then the animals and people will get sick, said Jeremiah. 

Now once a month Jeremiah’s family and friends get together for Jeremiah’s “Greatness” Cleanup 

“We’ve always been someone to tell him to push hard and keep going and so for him to want to wake up and do something for his community and call it greatness, that was a very proud moment for me, said Ricky Marshall, Jeremiah’s dad. 

For two hours they pick up trasand enjoy the time they spend making a difference. 

All of this started because of Jeremiah, said Shantel. 

Jerimiah’s efforts to get everyone involved with cleaning up his neighborhood is what Code Compliance Services encourages residents to do to reduce blight in their neighborhood.

To learn more about Jeremiah’s cleanup efforts visit his website 

Written by Eric Onyechefule

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