End Panhandling Now Campaign

End Panhandling Now Campaign

It’s a problem in every city.

The City of Dallas is committed to educating the public on ways to effectively assist those in need with the “End Panhandling Now” campaign. It can be confusing to know what to do when a person appears to be in need asks you for money. This campaign equips the public with information needed to offer the most appropriate assistance.

Dallas is full of compassionate and charitable citizens, but to end panhandling we have to end giving directly to people panhandling. The goal of the campaign is to decrease giving to panhandlers by educating the public about the public safety and public health impacts it creates and instead support organizations and services that provide long-lasting care. It is a collaborative effort between the Office of Community Care, Dallas Police Department, Public Affairs and Outreach, 311, and the Office of Homeless Solutions.

An overview of the proposed project was presented to the Public Safety and Criminal Justice Committee on February 26, 2018.

To learn more visit http://endpanhandlingnow.com/.


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