DWU addresses impacts to water mains and pipes due to winter weather 

DWU addresses impacts to water mains and pipes due to winter weather 

Dallas Water Utilities staff has been responding to water main breaks and burst pipe calls related to the weather event.   

Since the beginning of the artic blast, Dallas Water Utilities distribution crews have responded to 35 main breaks. Eighteen water main breaks have already been repaired or addressed, six water main breaks are currently being repaired and six have been isolated. DWU distribution crews implemented an emergency response work schedule, with employees working 12 hours shifts to respond to the ongoing emergency repairs associated with this weather event. There are 18 crews working the day shift and 11 crews working the night shift.   

DWU repair crews arrived at the water main break at 2200 N. Pearl St. and Woodall Rodgers Freeway at 4:45 a.m. on January 16. Crews isolated the water main break at 6:20 a.m. to an 8-inch pipeline. All west bound lanes on the Woodall Rodgers Freeway service road were closed by the Dallas Police Department due to heavy water in the area between Pearl and Fairmount streets. The right and center lanes were closed for repairs. Due to the waterline being surrounded by other City and private franchise utilities in a small work area,  DWU crews hand excavated to avoid impacts. The water line was repaired, the excavation was backfilled, and a temporary asphalt patch was placed. Final roadway pavement will be restored within a month. No business or residential customers were impacted. 

DWU has received a total of 728 winter weather meter calls from January 13 through 2 p.m. today, January 17. Burst pipe calls are expected to increase today and tomorrow due to temperatures rising above freezing.  

In the event of a burst pipe or a main break at your home, the public is advised to request emergency assistance in turning water off at the meter by calling  3-1-1. If you don’t know where your private shut-off valve is, visit bit.ly/3rxGQnf for tips on where it might be.

As a reminder, property owners are responsible for all private plumbing between the home and the water meter. DWU is responsible for the water meter and all water system components on the street side of the meter. Visit rdcrss.org/3TSNd5d for tips on protecting and thawing frozen pipes from the American Red Cross.  

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