DriveSouth Initiative kicks off in southern Dallas

DriveSouth Initiative kicks off in southern Dallas

Uber and Mayor Mike Rawlings are partnering with local community groups to offer a flexible earning opportunity to thousands of southern Dallas residents. Inspired by the GrowSouth initiative, Uber has committed to sign up 2,500 new drivers in southern Dallas in the next 12 months.

Cezg0_2WEAEXZRN“Residents of southern Dallas deserve the same job opportunities and access to services as our citizens on the north side of town,” said Mayor Rawlings. “This initiative is yet another sign of the commitment from the private sector to GrowSouth.”

This initiative will give residents an opportunity to make money whenever they want. Drivers can also choose to drive in their own neighborhoods, increasing mobility for residents in areas with limited transportation options.

Uber representatives say whether residents live in southern Dallas, Uptown or North Dallas, their goal is to provide equal access to safe, reliable and affordable transportation. The company successfully partnered on similar initiatives with city leaders in Austin and Chicago last year.

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