DPD briefs crime report, Community Policing 2.0 to Council

DPD briefs crime report, Community Policing 2.0 to Council

Dallas Police Chief David O. Brown has some advice for those who continually break the law in the city: “It’s a good time for criminals to leave Dallas.”

Chief Brown presented the latest  Dallas Police Department DPD) Crime Report and briefed Community Policing 2.0 to the City’s Public Safety Committee on March 28. Although the total index crime rate is down an unprecedented 53 percent over the last 12 years, a one-year crime report comparison between March 2015 and March 2016 shows an uptick in city murders, aggravated assault (family violence) and residential burglary.

Over the past several months, Chief Brown has shifted personnel and allocated resources to augment presence and keep all officers connected to the communities through frontline police work. Through DPD’s Community Policing program, communities receive additional patrol officers and leadership to assist  911 dispatch.

Chief Brown said that through increased police presence and with continued community assistance, DPD will be better positioned to tackle an increase in crime within the city.

“We must be proactive and predictive in these efforts and patrols,” said Brown.

Chief Brown said use of increased foot patrols from a pool of 700 additional officers enables greater proactive enforcement activities in high crime areas while community policing has directly assisted in dropping 911 response times for priority calls.

“We are asking these officers to make even more sacrifices while facing increased risks,” said Brown. “These are our neighbors. This is our city. We will get it done.”

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