Downtown Dallas traffic update

Downtown Dallas traffic update

As we head into the workweek, parts of downtown Dallas are still closed to the public. Please check with your respective employers to see if your offices are open and take a look at the map below.

We do not expect the Bank of America building being open for business on Monday. The map below details the revised road closures. Investigators are working diligently to restore access to the remainder of the crime scene. We anticipate that access will be restored by Wednesday of this week, if not sooner.

traffic map_7.10










The following county buildings will be open for business on Monday, July 11, 2016:

George L. Allen Sr. Civil Courts Bldg.

600 Commerce St.

Dallas,Texas 75202


Old Red Museum

100 S. Houston St.

Dallas,Texas 75202


Dallas County Administration Bldg.

411 Elm St.

Dallas, Texas 75202


Dallas County Records Building

509 Main St.

Dallas, Texas 75202


All of the above buildings will be open for regular business hours. Jurors summoned to George Allen for jury duty are expected to report for service as specified by the instructions on the original notice they received in the mail.


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